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Welcome to Future Identity Finance

Thursday 28th April 2022 - London

Future Identity Finance 2022 with bring together 500 attendees to network, learn, and debate all things digital identity. This one-day event will explore how innovation, regulation, and customer expectations, are changing the way we identify ourselves to access financial services. Discover how identity and trust will shape the future digital economy.

Identity: The missing piece of the Fintech puzzle?

3 in 5

businesses saw increased ID fraud in the past year


of customers abandon account opening during KYC


of calls to banks’ support centres are password resets


of consumers want more control over their data


The Financial Services sector is the leading investor in identity

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Identity and Trust in the Digital Economy

digital identity event

Digital ID - what is it & what will it be?

Banks and governments need to develop a framework around digital identity. Which international standards and principles will foster trust, compatibility and interoperability, as we determine the path forward for ID applications in financial services?

digital identity, mobile identity

Identity proofing in a remote world

FIs must be able to establish the identity of their customers – accurately, securely and seamlessly, while meeting evolving regulation. With a growing demand for remote services, will new solutions deliver on their promise to replace physical identity checks?

Banks & the identity ecosystem

Are banks uniquely placed to close the gap on identity? They perform KYC and AML functions in daily operations, have a regulated use of customer data and higher than average consumer trust. What role do FIs play in building a global standard for digital identity?

Fighting fraud with strong authentication

Identity systems are increasingly being attacked by fraudsters. Do new approaches promise improved detection and prevention of financial crime? Which solutions offer the strongest alternative to password-based systems – granting confidence in the security of identity data.

Open frameworks for progress

PSD2 not only ushered in Strong Customer Authentication, but the promise of Open Banking through APIs. By connecting identity data from multiple sources, Open Banking could deliver more reliable verification and improve customer experience. But how close is this goal to being realised?

inclusive product design in financial services

A model for self-sovereign identity

Digital ID should enhance privacy and consent, granting users control over how their personal credentials are shared. Will financial services embrace a decentralised ID model? What about the role that blockchain will have to play in identity?

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500 Live Attendees
60% Financial Institutions
60 Rockstar Speakers
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2021 Sample Attendee List

Financial Institutions, government and technology companies

2021 Speakers

Rod Boothby
Global Head of Identity — Banco Santander
Pranav Khanna
VP and Head of Product, Identity Services — Capital One
Karen Cullen
Head of International Financial Services, Risk & Compliance Unit — Department of Finance Ireland
Don Cardinal
Managing Director — Financial Data Exchange
Viky Manaila
Digital Identity, Digital Signatures & PKI Expert and Board Member — Cloud Signature Consortium
Manuela Sedvartaite
Innovation Manager — Banco Santander
Gemma Steel
Managing Director — Dozens
Muhammad Hamayun Sajjad
Executive Vice President - Head of Digital Transformation & Payments — United Bank
Jonathan Williams
Technical Payments Specialist — Payment Systems Regulator
Sam Everington
Director Of Products — Starling Bank
Sandra Peaston
Director of Research & Development — Cifas
Andrew Black
Senior Digital Product Owner, Data, Open Banking & Digital Identity — NatWest Group
Martin Ingram
Product Owner, Identity & Access Management — Royal Bank of Scotland
Richard Maton
Advisor — International RegTech Association and Aperio
Antonia Bell
Technology Portfolio Owner — Shawbrook Bank
David Pollington
Senior Director, Technology and Product — GSMA
Maria Khan
Digital Product Owner — Royal Bank of Scotland
Sian Williams
Director of Innovation and Policy — Toynbee Hall
Dia Banerji
Country Ambassador, Scotland — Women in Identity
Diane Joyce
Executive Member — Women in Identity
Andrew Churchill
Author, Digital Identification & Authentication Standard — British Standards Institution
Brad Carr
Managing Director, Digital Finance — Institute of International Finance
Nick Mothershaw
Chair and Chief Executive — Open Identity Exchange
Gene DiMira
Co-Chair, Outreach Expert Committee, DIACC and Chief Identity Officer — The AML Shop
Ritesh Jain
Advisor — G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion
Bjorn Hjelm
Vice Chairman — Open ID Foundation
Colin Wallis
Executive Director — Kantara Initiative
Melissa Heng
Senior Director, Identity Project Management — Capital One
Andrew Bud
Chief Executive Officer — iProov
Gail Hodges
Founder — Future Identity Council
Harsh Mohan
Global Principal, Platforms and Beyond Banking — ING
Andrew Shikiar
Executive Director — FIDO Alliance
Robert Baugh
CEO and Founder — Keepabl
Sharmista Appaya
Senior Financial Sector Expert — The World Bank
Vesna McCreery
Director — Ansev Solutions
Rutherford Wilson
VP, Emerging Technology — Trulioo
James Baston-Pitt
Regional Director — Onfido
Laura Camplisson
Product & Content Manager — VC Innovations

2021 Content On-Demand

Standards, policy & open finance for success

What’s the latest on strong authentication?

Keeping the customer at the heart of strong customer authentication

Privacy enhancing, consent based digital identity

Fighting back against identity fraud and financial crime

Is digital identity the key to greater identity inclusion?

Building inclusion and diversity in identity systems

Identity proofing in an increasingly remote world

Will banks take the lead in building a digital identity ecosystem?

Digital identity: A framework for the future

2021 Media Partners

2021 Agenda

Laura Camplisson, Product & Content Manager, VC Innovations

As a financial institution, how do you know that a customer is who they say they are online and not a fraudster? In this keynote, iProov Founder and CEO Andrew Bud discusses digital identity in its current state, plus how it could evolve in the future. Key challenges and threats will be presented, followed by emerging trends including how onboarding and authentication are merging and the future impact of verifiable credentials.

  • Andrew Bud, Chief Executive Officer, iProov

Which entities will act as the guardians of users digital identity – Will responsibility fall to national governments, or will Big Tech take a leading role?
With heavily regulated data usage, established KYC functions, and higher than average consumer trust, are banks uniquely placed to close the identity gap?
How can banks, governments and technology providers come together to create an Identity framework for the future?

  • Rod Boothby, Global Head of Identity, Banco Santander
  • Karen Cullen, Head of International Financial Services, Risk & Compliance Unit, Department of Finance Ireland
  • Bjorn Hjelm, Vice Chairman, Open ID Foundation and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Verizon
  • Harsh Mohan, Global Principal, Platforms and Beyond Banking, ING Bank
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chair and Chief Executive, Open Identity Exchange (moderator)

How can banks on-board/off-board customers both securely and seamlessly, while meeting evolving regulation.
With a growing demand for remote identity proofing, which new solutions promise to replace physical checks?

  • Maria Khan, Digital Product Owner, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Pranav Khanna, VP and Head of Product, Identity Services, Capital One
  • Gemma Steel, Director and General Counsel, Dozens
  • James Baston Pitt, Regional Director, Onfido
  • Gene DiMira, Co-Chair, Outreach Expert Committee, DIACC and Chief Identity Officer, The AML Shop (moderator)

An estimated 1 billion people lack official identity and millions more have forms of ID that cannot be reliably verified, resulting in economic exclusion.
How can Digital ID play a key role in enabling inclusion and supported underbanked individuals globally?

  • Thea Anderson, Director, Responsible Technology, Omidyar Network
  • Sharmista Appaya, Senior Financial Sector Expert, The World Bank
  • Ritesh Jain, Advisor, G20, Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion
  • Muhammad Sajjad, Executive Vice President, Head of Digital Transformation & Payments, United Bank
  • Sian Williams, Director of Innovation and Policy, Toynbee Hall (moderator)
  • Diane Joyce, Executive Member, Women in Identity
  • Laura Camplisson, Product & Content Manager, VC Innovations (moderator)

Identity systems are increasingly being attacked by fraudsters – many businesses have been tackling rising threat amid the international pandemic.
Which innovations promise improved detection and prevention of financial crime, without compromising the customer journey?
Can financial institutions make use of insights from beyond the sector such as data held by mobile networks?

  • Martin Ingram, Identity and Access Management Product Owner, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Sandra Peaston, Director of Research & Development, Cifas
  • Rutherford Wilson, VP, Emerging Technology, Trulioo
  • Vesna McCreery, Director, Ansev Solutions (moderator)

Will the financial services sector embrace a decentralised model of identity, or government issued digital IDs?
How can we ensure to build Digital Identity which enhances privacy, trust and consent, granting users control over how their personal credentials are shared?
Are users ready and willing to take control of their personal identity data?

  • Dia Banerji, Country Ambassador, Scotland, Women in Identity
  • Andrew Black, Senior Digital Product Owner, Data, Open Banking & Digital Identity, NatWest
  • Gail Hodges, Founder, Future Identity Council
  • David Pollington, Senior Director, Technology & Product, GSMA
  • Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative (moderator)

How Shawbrook Savings listened to our customers in 2020, adapting technology for better identity tracking and account security, by focusing on our customer demographic.

  • Antonia Bell, Technology Portfolio Owner, Shawbrook Bank, UK

Which systems offer the strongest alternatives to password-based systems – balancing user experience with trust in the security of identity data?
How can secure authentication be ensured across the digital economy, including in e-commerce, direct debits and other business transactions.
What considerations need to me made regarding adoption, ensuring systems are inclusive and address the issues faced by a broad customer base.

  • Sam Everington, Director of Products, Starling Bank
  • Melissa Heng, Senior Director, Identity Product Management, Capital One
  • Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director, FIDO Alliance
  • Jonathan Williams, Technical Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator
  • Andrew Churchill, Author, Digital Identification & Authentication Standard, British Standards Institute (moderator)

Technology alone will not solve the issue of digital identity – the hurdles of governance, borders and business are yet to be overcome.
Which global standards and principles will foster trust, compatibility and interoperability as we determine the path forward for ID applications?

  • Viky Manaila, Digital Identity & PKI Expert, Cloud Signature Consort
  • Don Cardinal, Managing Director, Financial Data Exchange
  • Manuela Sedvartaite, Innovation Manager, Banco Santander
  • Brad Carr, Managing Director, Digital Finance, Institute of International Finance
  • Robert Baugh, CEO and Founder, Keepabl
  • Richard Maton, Advisor, International RegTech Association and Aperio Strategy (moderator)
  • Laura Camplisson, Product & Content Manager, VC Innovations