Europe | 21 May | London

FTT Embedded Finance
FTT Embedded Finance
FTT Embedded Finance

Relying parties & community management pass


The category excludes job functions providing licencing and tech stacks to other institutions i.e. BaaS.

Available for individuals with buying power or influence from regulated financial institutions, lenders, retailers, e-commerce firms and platform marketplaces, and other relying parties.

Complimentary ticket holders are expected to engage and meet with event partners via the Community Management scheme. Our team will be in touch ahead of the event to connect you to relevant partners.

The Community Management scheme connects attendees with event partners through a pre-qualified selection process. Not all attendees will be chosen to participate.

What's included:

All access pass; five stages of content, networking drinks, 40+ speakers, 600+ attendees, networking app, and more!