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Future Identity Festival

15th & 16th November 2022

Get ready for a digital identity experience like no other!

Hybrid event + 2,000 festival attendees + 100 stand-out speakers + bold content sessions + game changing technology companies + craft beer bar + live music sessions + identity and good times!

Report powered by OCR Labs

Embedded identity

Friction, fraud & the online customer experience – with insights from financial & retail sectors.

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Biometrics for business

Senior contributors share how and why their organisations turned to face biometric verification.

Video Interviews

Future Identity Now

An ongoing interview series, featuring valuable insights from the dreamers and disrupters in identity.

Today’s world is fast-paced, interconnected and increasingly digital. The need for trusted, secure and seamless digital identity solutions can no longer be ignored.


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Interview - Retail, Consumer Identity, Verification, Hybrid Event
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Interview - Future Identity Festival, Biometrics, Verification, Financial Services
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Blog - Experience, Event, Digital Identity, Festival
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Blog - Financial Services, Fintech, Innovation, Authentication
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Interview - Festival, Identity Verification, Inclusion, Biometrics, Face Recognition
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Blog - Community, Deepfakes, Biometrics, Fraud
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Interview - Authentication, Risk, Fraud Prevention, Customer Identity
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Future Identity Now - OCR Labs, Remote KYC, Fraud, Embedded Identity
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Blog - Community, Face Biometrics, Verification, Financial Service, Money Laundering
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Blog - Community, Authentication, Biometrics, Identity
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Blog - Inclusion, Bias, Identity for All, Diversity
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Blog - European Identity, CItizen ID, Government, Regulation
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Blog - Digital Healthcare, Patient ID, Data Breach, Verification
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Blog - Product Design, Inclusion, Diversity, Customer Experience
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Blog - Vaccine Passports, Patient Credentials, Privacy, Data Protection, Traveller Identity
EU wallet and the rise of self-sovereign identity
Blog - Digital Wallet, Credential, Privacy, Consent, Data Protection, Self-Sovereign
digital identity news - Future Identity Festival 2021 comes to London
Future Identity 2021 - Event launch, hybrid festival, speakers, music, craft beer
online customer journey
Industry Insight - Friction, Customer experience, financial services, retail, payments
Biometrics for Business - Powered by Iproov
Industry Insight - Face Biometrics, Government. Financial Services, Case-Studies
Embedded identity, OCR labs report, The future of identity is embedded
Industry Insight - Customer Experience, Friction, Fraud, Identity Verification
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Future Identity Finance - Lessons Learned, Industry Trends, Future Roadmap
Privacy in a digital world represented by CCTV cameras
Future Identity Finance - Privacy, User Consent, Trust, Decentralised, Self-sovereign
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Future Identity Now - Digital Identity, Anti-Spoofing, Vaccine Certificates, Online Ecosystem
A global identity ecosystem
Future Identity Finance - Banks, Government, Mobile Networks, FinTech
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Future Identity Finance - Policy, Regulation, Standards, Open Frameworks
identity proofing
Future Identity Finance - Verification, Customer Onboarding, KYC, Mobile Banking
the danger of identity fraud online
Future Identity Finance - Digital Fraud, Financial Crime, Fraud Mitigation, KYC
opening the door to financial inclusion
Future Identity Finance - Inclusion, KYC, Mobile Identity, ID for Development
digital identity in a digital world
Blog - Digital World, AML, KYC, Personal Data, Interoperability