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From Europe to North America, these events bring together innovators from financial services, government, healthcare, gaming, telecoms, entertainment, travel, technology, and other forward-thinking industries to explore the latest initiatives, technologies and concepts shaping the future of identity.

Future Identity Festival
FID Finance Europe
Future Identity
FID Finance North America
Future Identity Customer North America

16th – 17th April 2024 | New York

Future Identity Finance North America

This one-day event will bring together an energetic community of identity and cybersecurity innovators from the financial services sector and beyond. Join us as we explore the urgent need for digital identity, to enable growth, inclusion, and trust in a changing world.

11th – 12th November 2024 | London

Future Identity Festival

The annual festival brings together 2,000+ attendees, 80+ Rockstar speakers and 80+ exhibitors. Discover the trends and technologies shaping the future of identity.

11th – 12th November 2024 | London

FID Fraud & FinCrime

As part of he Future Identity Festival, FID Fraud & FinCrime will bring together risk and compliance leaders, to share strategies and exchange insights on the threats facing businesses in a changing world.

4th – 5th December 2024

Future Identity Customer North America

Join a lively community of banks, public and private sector companies, regulators, associations, and tech providers dedicated to the evolution of customer digital identity.

19th March 2025 | London

Future Identity Finance Europe

Join 500+ attendees, and 40+ speakers, as we explore how innovation, regulation and customer expectations are changing how we identify ourselves to access financial services.

13th May 2025 | London

Future Identity Customer Europe

A one-day event dedicated to the future of customer identity management, within retail, gaming, financial services, mobility, healthcare, government, travel, and other key sectors.