A digital economy powered by

digital identity

19th March 2024 | London, UK

Welcome to the 3rd edition

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A digital economy powered by digital identity

Future Identity Finance will explore how innovation, regulation and customer expectations are changing how we identify ourselves to access financial services.

Join 500+ attendees, representing the retail and corporate banks, insurers, lenders, regulators and tech enablers building an identity ecosystem for the future digital economy.

Financial services has a trust issue


of consumers expect fully digital onboarding


of customers abandon account opening during KYC


of calls to banks’ support centres are password resets

8 in 10

people were targeted by scammers in 2021


Financial Services is the leading investor in identity

The time for collaboration is now

A one-day event packed with opportunities to learn, build and connect

500+ engaged attendees

Achieve months of networking in just one day. Jump into a community of all the key players in identity and financial services.

60% Financial Institutions

No, really. At Future Identity Finance meet corporate and retail banks, challengers, fintechs, lenders, building societies, payments providers, and more.

45+ Rockstar speakers

C-level professionals and renowned experts ready to give you the inside scoop on digital identity. Knowledge, awareness, and new perspectives are up for grabs.

Facilitated networking

No more searching the expo floor for your ‘must-meet’ attendees. Our community management team can handle those priority introductions.

Live content

Keynotes, panels, and workshops answering your million-dollar identity questions. If it’s trending, significant and relevant, you can bet it’s on our agenda.

Technology expo

In our lively exhibition area, anything could happen. Meet game-changing tech providers, who just might have the solutions to your identity challenges.

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The experience

Look forward to lively conversations, new connections, and lots of identity and good times

Iconic London venue

Future Identity Finance will take place at etc.venues, St Pauls. The perfect space to experience our live content sessions and busy exhibition area, right in the heart of London’s Square Mile.

Drinks reception

Join us from 5.30pm on the expo floor for a drinks reception, to finish off a day of inspiring content and smart networking. Discuss and debate what’s been covered on stage throughout the day, do a final sweep of the expo, and connect with anyone you haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

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FTT Lending 3.0

Access to our co-located event FTT Lending 3.0, dedicated to exploring the next-generation of lending. Access two additional live stages and meet attendees from lenders, loan providers, fintechs, credit and capital allocators.

Past attendees include

Financial institutions, technology providers & policymakers

Expand your industry knowledge

Our agenda revolves around some key themes

Customer Experience

Today’s consumers want instant access to everything. Banking and payments are no exception. Making sure vital identity processes are frictionless, yet secure, will drive efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Identity Custodians

With historical data, experience in KYC and high consumer trust, should banks be acting as custodians of our digital identities across the online economy? And if banks fail to take on this role, will Big Tech fill the gap?

Fraud & Security

Rising fraud is the financial industry’s worst kept secret. The more services are digitised, the more entry points for fraudsters to exploit. How can new technologies minimise risk, and mitigate evolving threats?

Data Privacy

Consumers are growing more aware of how their data is used online and calling for greater control. By making privacy and transparency a priority, digital identity systems will earn customer trust.

Evolving Regulation

Technology is only half the battle. The challenge facing financial services is to meet evolving KYC and AML demands, and build partnerships with identity tech enablers who understand the regulatory landscape.

Inclusion. Inclusion. Inclusion.

When it comes to building digital identity, inclusion can no longer be ignored. Championing diversity at all stages of product development, from design, to testing, will benefit both users and businesses.

Early confirmed speakers

Claire Maillet
PhD Researcher, Insider Fraud, University of Portsmouth and Director of Financial Crime Operations
Paul Munson
MLRO and Regulatory Specialist
Optimus Cards
Versha Jain
Cybersecurity Audit Manager
Anne-Lise Amiot
Lead Product Manager, Identity and Access Management
Antons Tocilins-Ruberts
Data Scientist, Information Security
Starling Bank
Keith Ferguson
Senior Product Manager
Flutter International
Ildefonso Olmedo
CDiO Cistomer & Innovation
Paola Cristina Nuñez Ameri
VP, Chief Country Compliance Officer
James Coveney
Head of Data Science
Cashplus Bank
Zwelli Burns
Senior Director, Compliance Technology & Crypto
Ravneet Shah
Allica Bank

FTT Lending 3.0 speakers include:

Running in co-location, FTT Lending 3.0 is the ultimate event for the next generation of lenders, loan providers, fintechs, credit and capital allocators who are powering the future of lending. Gain access to two additional live content stages and 90+ rockstar speakers.

Alastair Douglas
Chief Executive Officer
Colin Field
Chief Executive Officer
Saffron Building Society
Damien Burke
Chief Executive Officer
Custom Credit
Joshua Fabian-Miller
Director of Credit
Niv Subramanian
Chief Lending Officer
Allica Bank

2023 agenda

08:30 - 09:00 - Networking breakfast

Find out what to expect from the day ahead.

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead

09:00 - 09:10 - Future Identity Finance - Welcome and opening remarks

Find out what to expect from the day ahead.

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead

09:10 - 10:00 - Panel discussion - Identity: The missing piece of the innovation puzzle?

Digital identity offers the opportunity to prevent fraud, enhance data privacy and provide better experiences to customers. How are financial insitutions of different shapes and sizes prioritising identity innovation? How are different departments approaching identity and what will drive greater cooperation? What role do partnerships play in delivering transformation?

  • Brad Carr, Executive, Digital Governance and Industry Engagement, National Australia Bank
  • Stacey Wilkinson, Customer Attribute Sharing Product Owner, NatWest Group
  • Harry Weber Brown, Chief Executive, TISA Digital
  • Karen Huaracha Magana, Innovation Manager and Product Owner, ID& pay 
  • Andrew Black, Managing Director, Connect ID, Australia Payments Plus  
  • Alison McDowell, Co-Founder, Beruku Identity and Digital Identity Advisor, DCMS (Moderator)

10:00 - 10:40 - Panel discussion: A perfect storm: Rising fraud in the face of insecurity

High rates of inflation, the rising cost of living and geopolitical insecurity are causing an extended period of economic instability. This uncertainty is contributing to significant growth in fraud. How are financial institutions leveraging data and technology to safeguard against financial crime? How can advanced authentication technologies be deployed to safeguard against fraud? How do banks protect customers from scammers?

  • Paul Munson, UK Director of Compliance, Shares 
  • Claire Maillet, Director of Financial Crime Operations, Ziglu 
  • Matt Salisbury, Co-Founder and CEO, Honey Badger
  • Howard Rawstron, Head of Group Oversight, Economic Crime Prevention, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Greg Wlodarczyk, Managing Director and Head of Virtual Assets and New Payment Methods, FINTRAIL (Moderator)

10:40 - 11:10 - Morning coffee break

It’s coffee o’clock! Grab some refreshments from our expo floor before the stage resumes.

11:10 - 11:50 Building a seamless, secure, and scalable future for digital financial services

Delivering seamless, secure, and scalable digital experiences has never been more important. What role do customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions play in increasing customer engagement? How can financial services organisations move off legacy and embrace purpose-built CIAM, to mitigate fraud and cybersecurity risks but also reduce costs, increase average product holding and maximise ROI on digital investments?

  • Duncan McIntosh, Lead Product Owner – Strategic Identity Services, NatWest Group
  • Peter Smith, CISO, Allica Bank
  • Fredrik Hult, CISO – PagoNxt, Grupo Santander 
  • Adam Preis, Senior Product & Solution Marketing Manager, ForgeRock (Moderator)

11:50 - 12:30 - Panel discussion - The customer identity trifecta: Usability, accessibility, experience

As banks accelerate digital services and new challengers emerge, customer expectations are evolving. It’s no secret that a seamless journey is crucial to satisfaction, but solutions also have to be built with accessibility in mind, to ensure all customers have an equal experience. How can financial institutions prioritising simplicity and flexibility, building digital identity that works for a broad demographic?

  • Máté Barany, Enterprise Account Executive, Ping Identity
  • Aaron, Wilson, Principal – Product Manager, FinCrime and Fraud, Wise 
  • Helene Vigue, Identity and Data Director, GSMA
  • Russell Corbould-Warren, Chief Benefits and Product Officer, Collective Benefits
  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations (Moderator)

12:30 - 13:35 - Lunch break

Lunch is served! Head to the catering area on the expo floor, explore the networking options, and don’t forget to visit the exhibitor booths.

13:35 - 13:40 - Future Identity Finance - Welcome back

Introduction to the sessions coming up this afternoon.

  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

13:40 - 14:20 - Panel discussion - The truths about identity and inclusion

Identity verification systems, underpinned by artificial intelligence and machine learning, can enable frictionless access to a range of services. How do we ensure everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, national origin or ability, has a fair and equitable experience with IDV? By actively addressing biases, both conscious and unconscious, can businesses build digital identity, without leaving any customers behind?

  • Shay Oshinusi, Lead, Financial Crime Operations Unit, Mettle
  • Dan James, Co-Founder and CTO, Bloom Money
  • Howard Rawstron, Head of Group Oversight, Economic Crime Prevention, Lloyds Banking Group  
  • Claire Maillet, Director of Financial Crime Operations, Ziglu 
  • Russ Cohn, General Manager, International, OCR Labs (Moderator)

14:00 - 17:00 - Hosted Buyer Programme

14:20 - 15:00 - Panel discussion - The journey from data to decisions

In a digital world, customer relationships are tested at every stage of interaction. Financial providers have to be able to seamlessly establish trust and make decisions throughout the full customer lifecycle. How can advanced analysis enhance the security of decision making in real-time, minimising the delay customers face in accessing the financial services they require?

  • Sergei Fedorov, Head of Onboarding, ANNA Money
  • Emma Lindley, Co-Founder, Women in Identity and Managing Director, International Expansion, CAF
  • Daniel Jonas, Head of Research & Innovation, Pay.UK
  • Sanjeev Bhatti, Principal – Product Management, Direct Clearing and Emerging Payments, BNY Mellon
  • Rob Moffat, Senior Technical Architect, FINOS (Moderator)

15:00 - 15:40 - Panel discussion - First impressions count: Transforming account opening with digital ID

Legacy processes for account opening, including visiting physical branches or uploading documents, can lead to a high number of applications stalling or being abandoned. How can new technologies from biometrics, to document capture, to geolocation, transform customer onboarding? Will certain cases always rely on a human touch, or is a fully virtual future for identity proofing on the horizon?

  • Ravneet Shah, CTO, Allica Bank
  • Karen Huaracha Magana, Innovation Manager and Product Owner, ID& pay, ABN AMRO
  • Abbas Khaku, Chief Product Officer, Valerian Funds
  • Naeem Aslam, Chief Information Officer, Zaye Capital Markets 
  • Daniel Ballin, Chief Executive Officer, Ideas Crucible (Moderator)

15:40 - 16:10 - Afternoon coffee break

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee (…or a famous festival craft beer!) before the last sessions of the day.

16:10 - 16:50 - Panel discussion - Friction and fraud in an on-demand world

On-demand services across the digital economy offer consumers the ability to complete payments and transactions within minutes. Unfortunately, this convenience leaves businesses vulnerable to fraud. How can trust be established and bad actors blocked in real-time? To what extent is friction accepted or even welcomed by customers eager to protect themselves and their data.

  • Blerina Essen, Chief Operating Officer, Healthmoni 
  • Surash Patel, VP EMEA, TeleSign 
  • Aaron Elliot-Gross, Head of Financial Crime and Fraud, Revolut 
  • Nish Patel, Director, Binance 
  • Ekaterina Safonova, Founder and Managing Director, CS Consulting & Advisory (Moderator)

16:50 - 17:25 - Panel discussion - Wallets and smart credentials: The future of trust?

One of the most talked about trends in recent months is the advancement of digital ID wallets. Wallets could allow users to securely store smart, reusable credentials, and conveniently prove their identity to access financial services. What considerations must be made to ensure digital wallets work for relying parties whilst protecting personal data?  Which initiatives will drive interoperability and wider adoption?

  • David Palmer, Blockchain Lead, Vodafone
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange
  • Manuela Sedvartaite, Product Manager, PagoNxt, Santander
  • Yodaly Sierra-Rubio, Founder Eco2Wallet
  • Miki Maharishi, Startup Mentor, Outlier Ventures (Moderator)

17:25 - 17:30 - Future Identity Finance - Closing remarks

That’s a wrap!

  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

17:30 - 18:30 - Drinks reception

Taking place in the exhibition area

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