Addressing complexity with the right solutions – Fourthline at Future Identity Finance

When it comes to regulation, there is both complexity and nuance, and all of that varies across different countries. As David Awit, Director of Sales at Fourthline, noted when he sat down with us at Future Identity Finance this year, their job is to cut through the noise and understand all of the requirements. And in doing so, build the solutions that enable their partners to meet the objectives of a seamless customer journey whilst balancing the requirements of conversion , regulatory oversight and  fraud reduction.

That is no easy task. Listen to the full interview below for David’s thoughts on the regulatory trajectory, new fraud trends to be aware of,  the technologies that can help address the threat of fraud and what is coming down the pipe in the months and years ahead.

The future is a journey and not a destination. If you want to hear more about the future (in the near future), join us for Future Identity Customer on 21 May (in London).