Time to make digital identity a reality.

Welcome to Future Identity North America

20th June 2023 ǀ Convene, New York, USA

Future Identity North America will bring together an energetic community of identity and cybersecurity innovators from government, healthcare, financial services, travel and tourism, retail, and technology organisations. Join us as we explore the urgent need for digital identity, to enable growth, inclusion, and trust in a changing world.

The current state of digital identity

$56 billion

was taken from 49 million victims of fraud in 2020

99 million

people don’t yet have a REAL-ID compliant credential

1 in 3

people trust Facebook over the government with their identity

Just 7%

of global digital identity revenue is generated in the region

8 in 10

Americans feel they have little to no control over their data

Opportunity in an evolving ecosystem


Citizen identity verification currently relies on outdated approaches such as physical documents and shared secrets, which in a digital world are both impractical and open to attack. How can policymakers drive the development of identity systems and standards, to improve digital security, privacy, and convenience?

Travel & Tourism

Research shows 84% of people would feel more confident travelling if physical contact and crowds were reduced. As the travel industry rebounds post-pandemic, seamless and contactless identity solutions – and digital credentials like the mDL – could play a key role in managing passenger flow and enhancing border security.

Financial Services

The digital transformation of financial services creates new opportunities, but also new risks. Cybercrime is a constantly evolving threat, which legacy approaches to identity simply cannot overcome. How can banks utilise digital verification, intelligent fraud solutions and alternative data to enhance security and accelerate innovation?


The pandemic highlighted the urgent need for digital identity in healthcare. In 2020, $1.8billion in settlements for fraudulent health claims was recovered. Advanced know-your-patient and know-your-doctor practices are critical to enhance security and to empower patients with seamless access to their medical data.


As more and more transactions take place online, consumers across the digital economy are targeted by account takeover and payment related fraud. Strong authentication is no longer just for banks. Can e-commerce platforms step up to tighten security and data protection without compromising the customer experience?

The Metaverse

Augmented reality and decentralised platforms are transforming how we interact online. As momentum behind the metaverse builds, new security risks are brought to life. An identity ecosystem will be vital to govern the digital asset ownership and access to virtual spaces and to protect users from fraud and harm.

Who will you meet?

A lively community of financial institutions, public and private sector organisations, regulators, industry associations, consultants and technology providers

What can you expect?

Opportunities to expand your network and your industry knowledge

Broad audience

Co-located with Fintech Talents North America, the financial services and digital identity worlds collide, bringing together a global community of attendees.

Networking sessions

Our interactive virtual platform is designed to make distance irrelevant and make sure you get in contact with all your ‘must e-meet’ attendees.

60% Technology Buyers

Meet corporate and retail banks, travel providers, healthcare companies, government agencies, retail, and social media companies and more.

On-demand content

Topical and engaging content from previous editions of Future Identity North America showcased on-demand post-event.

Rockstar Speakers

Senior professionals and renowned experts from North America and beyond will take to the stage to give you their unique insights into the future of identity.

Expert Panels

Sessions featuring identity technology and industry experts. Find the session dedicated to your organisations current identity needs or challenges.

The Experience

Look forward to lively conversations, new connections, and lots of identity and good times


The event incorporates a VIP networking dinner held in New York City. Meet our North American community face to face to discuss and connect on the back of a full day of exciting content. Look forward to an evening of food, fun and identity.


Access to our co-located virtual event Fintech Talents North America, bringing together the innovators and change-makers who are redefining financial services across the region. View two additional virtual stages and join 1500+ attendees from financial institutions, fintechs, credit unions and community banks.


Meet your perfect match. Our community management team will be on hand throughout the day to facilitate introductions and get you to the people you want to meet. With 2000 attendees, from companies of all shapes and sizes, the connections you make will last long after the event has ended.


The event may be virtual, but the community is real. Whether it’s “where are you tuning in from?”, “what did you think of the last session?”, or “what are the trends shaping the future of the industry?”, there’s never a dull moment on our interactive event chat.

Past speakers

Joni Brennan
Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)
Kay Chopard
Executive Director
Kantara Initiative
Andrew Shikiar
Executive Director
FIDO Alliance
Denny Prvu
Global Director of Identity & Access Management
Royal Bank of Canada
Elizabeth Garber
Former VP Digital Products
Don Cardinal
Managing Director
Financial Data Exchange
Annet Steenbergen
Chair IATA Passenger Facilitation Working Group
Government of Aruba
John Wunderlich
Chair, mDL Discussion Group
Kantara Initiative
Gail Hodges
Executive Director
OpenID Foundation
Mike McCaskill
Director, Identity Management
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
Laura Camplisson
Future Identity Portfolio Lead
VC Innovations
Eric Jorgensen
Motor Vehicle Division Director
Arizona Department of Transportation
Loffie Jordaan
Solutions Architect
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
Leah Houston MD
Founder and CEO
Upendra Mardikar
Chief Security Officer
Snap Finance
Jeremy Grant
Better Identity Coalition
Tim Bouma
Director, Verification and Assessment
CIO Strategy Council
Michelle Beyo
Board Member
Open Banking Initiative Canada
Alex Yang
Director, Connected Banking
Bank of America
Ciaran Carolan
Program Manager PKD
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Linda Jeng
Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer
Gerard Dache
Executive Director
Government Blockchain Association
Chris Runde
Corporate Strategy and Innovation
Ross and Baruzzini
George Merritt
Joseph Lowe
Chairman and Founder
Maven Federal Credit Union

On-demand content

Who’s who in digital identity standards and frameworks

  • Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative
  • Joni Brennan, President, Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)
  • Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director, FIDO Alliance
  • Elizabeth Garber, Co-Chair, GAIN Proof of Concept Community Group, Open ID Foundation

Back on the journey towards seamless travel

  • Annet Steenbergen, Advisor, Government of Aruba
  • Ciaran Carolan, Program Manager PKD, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • George Merritt, Senior VP of Operations, Pangiam
  • Chris Runde, Corporate Strategy and Innovation, Ross & Baruzzini

Building stronger digital identity for citizens

  • Jeremy Grant, Coordinator, Better Identity Coalition

Privacy, digitisation, and identity in healthcare

  • Leah Houston, MD, Founder and CEO, HPEC

Digital identity for a digital economy

  • Denny Prvu, Global Director, Identity and Access Management, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Upendra Mardikar, Chief Security Officer, Snap Finance
  • Elizabeth Garber, Former VP of Digital Products, Santander
  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

Towards an open world

  • Don Cardinal, Managing Director, Financial Data Exchange
  • Tim Bouma, Director, Verification and Assessment, CIO Strategy Council
  • Michelle Beyo, Board Member, Open Banking Initiative Canada
  • Linda Jeng, Chief Policy and Regulatory Officer, Centre

Mobile Driving Licenses in focus

  • John Wunderlich, Chair, MDL Working Group, Kantara Initiative
  • Eric Jorgensen, Motor Vehicle Division Director, Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Gail Hodges, Special Advisor Identity Technologies, California Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Loffie Jordaan, Solutions Architect, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
  • Mike McCaskill, Director, Identity Management, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)