North America | December 4-5 | San Francisco


Introduction to the Hosted Meetings Program

If you’re joining us at Future Identity Customer, consider taking part in our exclusive Hosted Meetings Program. You’ll benefit from everything the event has to offer, plus travel and accommodation reimbursement up to $500 where applicable, exclusive networking opportunities and access to the Hosted Meetings Program VIP Lounge.

You’ll be connected to key industry suppliers to help build an invaluable network for your company. Using AI, your meetings are generated based on the preferences you make, to ensure only the highest quality and most relevant meetings are scheduled.

Am I eligible for the Hosted Meetings Program?

Hosted Meetings Program passes are available for regulated financial institutions; retailers, e-commerce firms and platform marketplaces; esports, gaming and gambling businesses; entertainment and broadcasting businesses; travel, transportation, and delivery services; social media platforms; e-health and healthcare providers.

Key Hosted Meetings Program benefits

The exclusive Hosted Meetings Program Lounge will be open from 13:00 – 17:30 on each of the event days. The lounge is designed to help you recharge, relax and refresh between meetings. You can grab some refreshments and catch up with calls, connect with fellow participants, and with our friendly Hosted Meetings Program Team.

Our exclusive welcome lunches are the perfect opportunity for you to network with fellow participants ahead of your meetings each day. We’ll also be around to answer any questions and remind you of your schedule of meetings.

The programme puts the power in your hands across both days of the festival, giving you unrivalled sourcing, learning and networking opportunities. View the full T&Cs.

In a nutshell, the event was unparalleled, resulting in exceptional meetings and a wealth of opportunities.
– Cathy Starr, Director of Field Marketing EMEA, Provenir

Program commitments

As a participant, you commit to attending all your scheduled meetings with the event sponsors you match with. You also commit to completing our Hosted Meetings Program survey post event and giving constructive feedback on the meetings.

To qualify, individuals must: (a) be responsible for buying or evaluating technology solutions for their company, and (b) agree to take at least six (6) 15-minute onsite meetings with participating sponsors, determined by a double opt-in process. The purpose of which is to create value for all involved.

See T&Cs for the full criteria.


The Hosted Meetings Programme is an opportunity for you to pre-schedule meetings with event partners. Our AI driven platform will generate meetings based on your preferences and automatically schedule relevant meetings for you.

A Hosted Meetings participant is a senior decision maker responsible for buying or evaluating technology and other solutions for their company. To view a full list of criteria please see our T&Cs.

We’ll check your registration and let you know via email if you have been approved as a Hosted Meetings participant. If you don’t meet our qualifying criteria, you can register for one of our Rockstar passes instead.

Ahead of the event, all participants will be invited to select companies they would like to meet with via our Hosted Meetings Programme platform. Using AI, your meetings are generated based on the preferences you make, to ensure only the highest quality and most relevant meetings are scheduled.

The meetings will be 15 minutes long and held between 14:00 and 17:00 on the event days (December 6 – 7) in the Hosted Meetings Program Lounge.

The Hosted Meetings Program is an opportunity for you to pre-schedule meetings with event partners. Double opt-in means that both parties agree to the meeting, so we will only schedule meetings where both yourself and the event partner have agreed to meet. This will be facilitated via the Hosted Meetings Program platform which will launch closer to the event for you to make your selections.

Hosted Meetings participants must commit to making appointments with our event partners via the Hosted Meetings Program platform. We ask that you come to the festival ready to meet with new potential partners. You must attend a minimum of 6 (six) pre-scheduled meetings during the event and complete the post-event survey.

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

Hosted Meetings participants are free to attend content sessions and network on the event floor before and after the scheduled meetings on each day, just make sure you’re back in time if you leave between meetings!

You will be reimbursed following attendance to all meetings, completing the feedback form providing an evaluation of each meeting, completion of the reimbursement form and submission of receipts.

If you attend the Festival but do not complete your scheduled meetings, you will not receive any reimbursement, we reserve the right to invoice your company for $799 for the event ticket as per the authorisation you agree to, and you may also be excluded from qualifying for the event in future years.

If you are approved for the Hosted Meetings Program but are unable to participate even though you are still with your organization, you must agree to suggest one or more substitutes from your organisation as your replacement for the program. Acceptance of any substitute is subject to prior approval via email.

Have any questions? View the T&Cs or contact a member of the team:

Anna Smart
Client Success Manager
Hosted Meetings & sponsorship delivery