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Future Identity Customer

December 6 - 7, 2023 | San Francisco


Tech and service providers can save $400 with the early bird rate before Friday, October 6.

VIP networking evening (December 6) followed by a full day of content and further networking (December 7).

An unforgettable experience

Future Identity Customer, in co-location with FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps and Customer Alpha, brings together 400+ attendees for a two-day event in San Francisco. Discover how consumer facing businesses in financial services, retail, gaming, entertainment, travel, healthcare and other forward-thinking industries are approaching digital identity.

Identity is key to optimizing the customer experience


of customers access more services online than pre-pandemic


of customers abandon onboarding due to frustrations with KYC


of participants in a recent trial want an integrated Digital ID wallet


consumer identity theft reports were made in the last year

8 in 10

people feel they have little to no control over their data online

The time for collaboration is now

A two-day event packed with opportunities to learn, build and connect

400+ engaged attendees

Achieve months of networking in just two days. Jump into a community of all the key players in identity and customer experience.

60% Tech End-users

No, really. At Future Identity Customer meet with financial services, retail, gaming, entertainment, travel, healthcare and other leading businesses.

40+ Rockstar speakers

C-level professionals and renowned experts ready to share their insights into the latest identity trends and new technologies.


No more searching the expo floor for your ‘must-meet’ attendees. Our team will take the wheel on those priority introductions.

Live content

Content sessions exploring how digital identity can deliver greater trust, privacy and personalization for the ultimate customer experience.

Technology expo

Discover new technologies to solve your identity challenges. Lay the foundations for future partnerships with technology leaders.

Key industries

Be part of a cross-sector community of innovators


financial services


media & entertainment


travel & tourism




gaming & retail

Expand your industry knowledge

Our agenda highlights key trends driving the adoption of digital identity


Customers have come to expect consistent, seamless experiences from brands across all channels. How easy it is to register, how quickly payment can be made and how secure the service feels, can all have a significant impact on conversion and satisfaction rates.

Product personalization

A key challenge businesses face is understanding and tracking customer behaviour, across multiple brands, products, channels and locations. By linking this data to an identity, rather than allowing it to reside in siloes, businesses can provide a far more personalized product offering.

Tackling fraud

Bad actors deploy increasingly sophisticated tactics to target individuals and companies. Knowing that every customer is who they say they are, is imperative if businesses are to protect against monetary losses and reputational damage in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Revenue and efficiency

Manually verifying documents, managing password resets, and inputting customer data is time-consuming and resource heavy. Streamlining these processes will lead to efficiency gains, reduce the costs of human error and allow businesses to serve more customers at speed.

Data privacy concerns

Amidst increasingly tight regulations, data protection is becoming a growing concern for both consumers and businesses. Securely storing large amounts of personal identity information is risky and expensive. Prioritizing privacy and consent management is key.

Enhancing safety

As the threats of online scams, trolling, grooming and misinformation intensify, the pressure is on for platforms to introduce identity and age verification solutions to enhance user safety, protect brand reputation and keep pace with potential new regulations.

The ecosystem

Discover the latest innovations powering the future of identity

Transaction monitoring

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The experience

Look forward to lively conversations, new connections, and lots of identity and good times


Future Identity Customer will take place at Hotel Kabuki, a boutique hotel and function venue in the heart of San Francisco’s Japantown. The perfect location to network with all the key players in digital identity.


To finish off a day of inspiring content and smart networking, attendees can join a drinks reception on the expo floor whilst networking with strategic partners.


Access to two additional co-located events, FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps and Customer Alpha. Meet and network with a disruptive community of retailers, manufacturers, insurers, telcos, financial institutions, fintechs and tech innovators.

Coming soon

Our 2023 speaker line-up will be announced very soon. The following experts have previously spoken at similar Future Identity events:

Keily Blair
Chief Strategy & Operations Officer
Stephanie Zee
Vice President and Global Head, Enterprise Payments Risk, Financial Crimes Risk Management
Sherief Khalil
Director, Global Product Management - Identity, Onboarding and KYC
Abol Froushan
Senior Enterprise Architect, No7 Beauty Company
Walgreens Boots Alliance
Denny Prvu
Director of Architecture, Innovation and Technology
Royal Bank of Canada
George Kassis
Digital Identity Lead, Web3 Labs
Onyx by J.P. Morgan
Vanya Rakesh
Privacy Program Manager
Matteo Gamba
Head of Product - Global Payments & Fraud
John Podboy
Senior Vice President - Cybersecurity
Fifth Third Bank
Mimi Wang
Product Manager, Account Security

2023 agenda

09:00 - 09:10 - Future Identity Customer - Welcome and opening remarks

Find out what to expect from the day ahead.

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead

09:10 - 9:50 - Panel - Transforming the customer experience with digital identity

As businesses compete for customers in a fast-moving and crowded digital world, considerations like how easy it is to onboard to a service and how quickly checkout can be completed are increasingly important. Is seamless digital identity the key to delivering a superior customer experience? Can businesses use identity data to unlock valuable behavioural insights and provide customers with a more personalised and integrated product offering?

09:50 - 10:30 - Panel - Privacy and consent in a data-driven world

As customers, we are required to prove our identity time and again to access different services. Each interaction leaves a trail of personal data vulnerable to breaches. Which approaches will enhance privacy and consent, while ensuring security? What are the privacy implications of an increase in data science and machine learning usage? Can we shift away from a siloed approach and empower individuals with control over their personal information? 

10:30 - 11:00 - Morning coffee break

It’s coffee o’clock! Grab some refreshments from our expo floor before the stage resumes.

11:00 - 11:40 - Panel - Building consumer trust in a rapidly evolving fraud landscape

The digital world offers many innovative ways of engaging with customers, but also creates new avenues for bad actors to exploit. Trust is key to any businesses’ fraud prevention strategy but is also increasingly influencing consumer choice. How can businesses leverage innovation and design online journeys which keep bad actors out and give genuine customers maximum confidence in their safety and security? 

11:40 - 12:00 - Fireside chat - Online safety and digital identity in focus

Social media and online entertainment platforms have revolutionised how we interact online. As usage has expanded, these spaces have become prolific targets for fraud, identity theft, trolling, grooming and misinformation. Should more be done to verify the real-world identities and ages of online users and block bad actors? Where does liability lie if something goes wrong? How can the right balance be found between privacy and security, in an ever-connected online world? 

12:00 - 12:40 - Panel - Getting identity right from the start

Legacy methods of identity verification are unsustainable for businesses onboarding large numbers of customers digitally, in real-time. How are new technologies from biometrics to mobile document capture and machine learning enabling secure remote onboarding? How can streamlining KYC help businesses reduce customer abandonment rates? Can the credentials created at onboarding inform subsequent authentications to enable an integrated journey throughout the customer lifecycle? 

12:40 - 1:45 - Lunch break

Lunch is served! Head to the catering area on the expo floor, explore the networking options, and don’t forget to visit the exhibitor booths.

1:45 - 1:50 - Future Identity Customer - Welcome back

Introduction to the sessions coming up this afternoon.

  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

1:50 - 2:30 - Panel - Seamless payments, seamless identity

The number of transactions carried out online has increased rapidly in recent years. How can new technologies be leveraged to detect and fight back against account takeover, friendly fraud, payments fraud and other evolving threats? Can innovative authentication and risk decisioning approaches allow e-commerce, entertainment, gaming and other brands to tighten security, while meeting customer demand for invisible payments and seamless omnichannel experiences?

2:30 - 2:50 - Fireside chat - Secure, patient-centric, digital healthcare: Is identity the key?


Identity proofing challenges impact in-person and remote interactions in the healthcare sector. Patient records are siloed, manual processes create delays, and fraudulent claims escalate. Can digital identity verification enhance security and trust for physicians and patients? Will decentralised credentials continue to gain traction in the sector? How can a range of stakeholders across healthcare organisations collaborate to drive innovation?

2:50 - 3:30 - Panel – The Wallet Wars – Are wallets the future of identity?

Digital identity wallets have the potential to transform identity verification across a wide range of use cases. Various financial institutions, governments, Big Tech ryan companies and telcos are developing wallet offering, but which entities will take the lead on driving adoption? How are the various mDL pilots underway across the US and Canada impacting the development of wallets? What role will public and private partnerships play? 

3:30 - 4:00 - Afternoon coffee break

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee (…or a famous festival craft beer!) before the last sessions of the day.

4:00 - 4:40 - Panel - Accelerating the transition to Digital ID for travel

As the travel industry continues to rebound from the impact of the pandemic, seamless and contactless identity solutions could play a key role in managing passenger flow and enhancing border security. Will we see adoption of digital credentials and identity wallets across the travel industry? How are public and private partnerships and cross-border initiatives advancing digital identity at all stages of the passenger journey?

4:40 - 5:20 - Panel - Is interoperability the key to success with digital identity?

The technology is out there to make digital identity a reality, but what will bring disparate public and private identity schemes together in a way that is convenient for users? How can we develop standards and trust frameworks to establish interoperability across borders and between industries? Will wallets and reusable credentials play a key role? Which entities will take the lead in driving adoption?

5:20 - 5:30 - Future Identity Customer - Closing remarks

That’s a wrap!

  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

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