The high cost of cheap biometrics

Questions every bank needs to ask

Interactive workshop

Tuesday 26th April 2022, 8:30 - 10:20am

Future Identity Finance 2022 - County Hall, Westminster - London

This interactive breakfast workshop, taking place at Future Identity Finance 2022, will take a deep-dive into the technical idiosyncrasies of different remote identity verification solutions. Learn from Innovatrics’ experience after almost two decades in the field, and take away key recommendations for developing a RFP and selecting the most suitable vendor.

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What can you expect?

Restrictions on the movement of people in response to the pandemic, have forced financial institutions to rethink the way they interact with their users. This has meant re-evaluating how to establish trust with their customers during the initial onboarding process.

The remote identity verification industry, previously dominated by a small number of established biometric vendors, has experienced unprecedented growth. Hundreds of vendors now offer seemingly similar solutions and organisations wishing to adopt the technology could be forgiven for viewing it simply as a commodity, and choosing to work with the vendor offering the most favorable commercial terms.

Join Innovatrics’ team of experts for demonstrations and practical advice on developing remote identity verification applications.


for developing an RFP and selecting a vendor

Live demo

of full tech stack for remote onboarding


networking and Q&A session

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to the remainder of Future Identity Finance


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*We have a limited number of places available by application, for attendees from financial institutions looking to implement remote identity verification solutions. Accepted applicants will be required to be registered with a rockstar guest pass and pay a fully refundable deposit of £50. You can claim a refund at point of attendance, or choose to donate to our chosen charity.