Identity in a decentralised future.

Future Identity @ FTT DeFi

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Join Future Identity at FTT DeFi – a live event bringing together the community of 700+ innovators and creators who are challenging the established thinking, and the establishment, when it comes to the future of financial services and beyond.

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The FTT DeFi agenda will revolve around some key themes

EU wallet and the rise of self-sovereign identity

Economics & Politics

What economic and political trends are behind the use of blockchain technologies? Are more sustainable or competitive business models driving adoption or are there other societal goals at play? What will be the impact for broader ESG goals?

identity proofing


The how and the why of the DeFi infrastructure. Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and Cardano and beyond – come away with an understanding of the provider universe. Will the architecture of the future be built on blockchains and, if so, when will the shift happen?

the danger of identity fraud online

Crypto & Digital Assets

Crytocurrencies/assets have moved well beyond bitcoin. Are digital currencies the necessary means of exchange in a world built on DLT? CDBCs, stablecoins, NFTs and other digital assets – are consumers and businesses ready to rely on and transact with new stores of value?

digital identity in a digital world


With great power, comes great responsibility. As decentralised finance models advance will explore how consumers can be protected, how access to financial services will be impacted, and how regulatory frameworks can be adapted to keep pace with a changing world.

digital identity event ecommerce retail

Industry Impact

How will a new world of decentralised technology impact the ways in which we transact, save, borrow and invest for the future? What exciting use cases are emerging and already in play? How will DeFi effect both incumbent providers and innovative players?

digital identity event London

Web3 & The Metaverse

Beyond the confines of financial services, are we witnessing the creation of the internet the world deserves? What does Web3 mean and how will it serve the needs of people, businesses, and society? Will financial services be embedded in a multitude of metaverses?

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As DeFi, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse take centre stage, important questions surrounding digital identity and privacy are raised. How do we establish trust and security in a decentralised world? Will blockchain power the adoption of self-sovereign identity? Can decentralised frameworks extend digital identity to excluded populations?

The following panel sessions will take place at FTT DeFi, powered by Future Identity.

As the vision for a blockchain-based Web 3.0 takes shape, with crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi taking centre stage, the future of digital identity is called into question. How do we establish trust online and protect users from financial crime and fraud, while enabling privacy and anonymity? Will an identity layer be a key feature of the future internet?

  • Flavia Kenyon, Chief Legal Counsel, Cyber Security Global Alliance 
  • Shiv Aggarwal, CEO, EarthID and Regional Director – EMEA, Government Blockchain Association 
  • Benjamin Yablon, Founder, SALT Lending 
  • Manish Garg, Founder and CEO, Banksly (moderator)

This session will explore how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies can provide a foundation for the adoption of self-sovereign identity. We will consider the technical and design attributes of a decentralised identity model and whether the adoption of SSI can enable greater trust, privacy, and control for users. 

  • David Palmer, Blockchain Lead Vodafone Business IoT, Vodafone 
  • Nicky Hickman, Industry Advisor, Blockchain & Digital Identity Lab, University of Jyväskylä 
  • Chris Park, Co-Founder, DeFinity 
  • David Pollington, Head of Research, Bloc Ventures 
  • Steve Pannifer, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion (moderator)

Future Identity speakers

Dana L. Wilson
Founder & CEO
Akita Somani
SVP - BNPL / POS Lending
U.S. Bank
Charvi Gandotra
Associate Director
Olaseni Bello
Associate General Counsel, Product (Payments)
Yasmin Moaven