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Industry Insight: Biometrics for business

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When it comes to identity, businesses are under an increasing amount of pressure. Being able to establish that customers and employees are who they say they are, is no simple task.

There is the ever-present threat of fraud to grapple with, as well as the need to meet complex and demanding regulation. On the other hand, businesses must strive to provide seamless, real-time services to meet consumer demand. Prioritising one over the other, can be a costly mistake to make.

In recent years, face biometrics has become an increasingly common solution to the identity challenge. The driving force behind the technology, is its potential to do the seemingly impossible – balance security with customer convenience.

This report, powered by iProov, will determine whether this promise can be delivered in real-world business scenarios.

Discover a range of successful operational-use cases, how customers and employees are responding to the technology and prospects for the future evolution of biometrics for business.