Flashback friday: Future Identity Festival highlights

future identity festival

Today is almost three months since the Future Identity festival took place. After almost two years without live events, it was incredible to bring together 2000 people eager to learn, chat and get inspired about all thing’s identity and fintech.

We were feeling nostalgic for the buzz of the exhibition floor, sound of the live music stage and taste of a cold beer from the craft bar. So we put together this short highlights video showcasing all the best bits.

Ash Bhatia, CEO of Shipyard Technology Ventures commented, “I think people come to these events for two reasons, they come they come for high quality content and to meet people, and I think the content brings the high-quality people.”

Well the festival certainly had both! Co-located with Fintech Talents 2021, there were four stages exploring fintech, embedded finance, open finance and digital identity. With over 200 speakers sharing their insights on the latest trends shaping the future of financial services, there was something for everyone to take away.

The general mood on site was one of excitement and relief to be back to meeting in person. Bassey Kofon, Commercial Manager of Digital Identity Verification at Yoti observed, “It’s an amazing turnout and nice to come back and see everyone together. After spending the last 18 months doing everything online, being able to come and meet in person makes for an amazing atmosphere.”

We are excited to bring the community together again for Future Identity Finance, on 26th April at County Hall, London. You can look forward to a full day of live content, exploring how innovation, regulation and customer expectations are changing how we identify ourselves to access financial services.

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