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eBook: The evolution of identity in a digital-first world

VC Innovations, the curators of the Future Identity community, are proud to support the launch of Mitek’s most recent eBook, ‘The evolution of identity in a digital-first world.’

We now work, shop, play, learn and connect in the digital realm. What worked in the past is no longer enough to create trusted, intuitive, and efficient customer experiences in a digital era.

Tools and techniques for verifying identities online have raced to keep pace with new types of fraud, additional regulations, and heightened customer expectations. Yet despite these advances, organisations are still experiencing rising fraud rates, too much friction in the user experience, and siloed technologies.

As the digital identity industry positions itself for a time of rapid growth, download this eBook to get up to speed on:

  • The shift from real-world to digital identities
  • Why the time to re-think digital identity verification is now
  • The growing importance of signal diversity
  • The move beyond ID cards and documents
  • The benefits of an adaptive approach to digital identity

Featuring expert insights from the individuals and businesses working at the forefront of innovation and disruption:

“67% of consumers who suffer fraud will switch their bank or credit union as a result.”
The Great Payments Disruption Report, 2022

“Organization are three times more likely now than pre-pandemic, to say that the majority of the customer interactions are digital in nature.”
McKinsey Global Survey

“Our smart digital tools put our customers in control, and help our customers to successfully pass KYC where traditional name and address checks fail.”
Linda Robertson, Head of Digital Customer Experience, Virgin Money

“Customers want to be able to open accounts at a time and a place that suits them and not have to worry about sending precious ID documents in the post or taking time out of their day to go to a branch. That’s why we’re making it easier, safer and faster to open accounts.”
Frans Woelders, Chief Digital Officer, NatWest

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