Future Identity Festival 2021 Agenda – Day two

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations 

With digital adoption, comes changing user behaviour, increased risk and an evolving regulatory landscape. The need for trusted digital identity technology is clear, but which factors will drive widespread adoption across different sectors? How can authentication solutions gain user trust, by keeping in mind privacy, data protection and ease of use? Which solutions will allow businesses to optimize security while remaining compliant?

  • Fabian Eberle, Co-Founder and COO, Keyless
  • Annet Steenbergen, Chair, IATA Passenger Facilitation Working Group, Government of Aruba
  • Jonathan Williams, Technical Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange (Moderator)

With more transactions than ever taking place online, how can banks and e-retailers verify customer identity? As businesses strive to meet expectation for omnichannel convenience, personalisation, and data privacy, has seamless identity verification become key to customer conversion and retention online? How are e-service providers integrating KYC and fraud prevention into the customer journey?

  • Jon Hawley, Chief Verification Officer, UNIDAYS
  • Lendha Espinosa, International Business Development Manager, Tecalis
  • Katinka Brurberg, User Strategy and Insight Lead, Vipps
  • Richard Maton, Managing Director, Aperio and Advisor, International RegTech Association (Moderator)

How are businesses harnessing the power of data in the fight against cybercrime and identity fraud? How can behavioural biometrics and machine learning be leveraged for nuanced fraud insights, making use of data from beyond the financial sector including telecoms. And what if the algorithm says no! Do customers still value a human touch in protecting their online identities?

  • Matt Cumbers, Head of Conduct Risk and Financial Crime, Shawbrook Bank
  • John Wilkinson, CEO, TMT Analysis
  • Michael Bradley, Senior Data Transformation Manager, HSBC
  • Jessica Figueres, Vice Chair, UK Cyber Security Council (Moderator)

Identity has become a key security concern for organisations of all scales and across all sectors. How is Cloud adoption increasing the availability and scalability of digital identity? How are partnerships and 3rd party APIs driving increased adoption of secure identity solutions? How do open standards and frameworks support the infrastructure behind identity innovation?

  • Ravneet Shah, VP Engineering, Allica Bank
  • Surash Patel, Vice President EMEA, TeleSign
  • Mark Haine, Working Group Co-Chairman, The Open ID Foundation
  • Rick Chandler, Treasurer DPO and Board Member, EEMA (Moderator)

How are the concepts of data privacy and liability shifting, in a changing online world. What role should age verification technology play in preventing minors from accessing harmful online content, or protecting those vulnerable to fraud, catfishing, or grooming? Should the identities of social media users be verified to prevent online abuse?

  • Mark Cooley, Head of Sales Age Check Certification Scheme
  • Dr Rachel O’Connell, Technical Author, Online Age Verification Standard, British Standards Institute
  • Iain Corby, Executive Director, Age Verification Providers Association (Moderator)

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Manager, VC Innovations

As adoption of online services increases, there are more entry points for bad actors to exploit. Across the online economy there is a need for stronger authentication methods to defend against fraud. Two-factor has become multi-factor – but how many factors is enough? And how many is too many? How can businesses provide frictionless authentication, adaptable to risk level and customer behaviour?

  • Matthew Wilson, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Ekata
  • Arthur Ceccotti, Payments Engineer, Monzo
  • Lauren Jones, Senior Advisor, Payments Standardization and Policy, Huawei
  • Adam Butler, Sales Director, Transmit Security
  • Louise Maynard Atem, Research Lead, Women in Identity (Moderator)

When building identity systems how can a wide range of usability and accessibility needs be accounted for, and how do we mitigate unconscious biases from solutions and algorithms? Will championing diversity at all stages of product development, from design, to testing, benefit the end customer? And is inclusion really a critical concern, or simply an excuse for delay?

  • Claire Maillet, Head of Financial Crime, Jaja Finance
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange
  • Emma Lindley, Co-Founder, Women in Identity (Moderator)

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Manager, VC Innovations