Future Identity Customer Agenda 2023

09:05 - 09:10 - Future Identity Customer - Welcome and opening remarks

Find out what to expect from the day ahead.

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead

09:10 - 9:55 - Panel discussion - Identity at the heart of the customer experience

As businesses compete for customers in a fast-moving and crowded digital world, considerations like how easy it is to register and how quickly payments can be made are increasingly important. How can the onboarding and authentication experience be made as seamless as possible while keeping customers secure? How can brands use identity data to unlock valuable behavioural insights and foster greater personalisation? 

  • Laura Moore, Global Director of Identity, Sky
  • Abol Froushan, Senior Enterprise Architect, No7 Beauty Company, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Mate Barany, Account Executive, Ping Identity
  • Harry Weber-Brown, Chief Engagement Officer, Zilo
  • Elizabeth Rayment, Director, Your Mind Media (Moderator)

09:55 - 10:40 - Panel discussion - Trust is a two way street

The digital world offers many innovative ways of engaging with customers, but also creates new avenues for bad actors to exploit. Trust is key to any businesses’ fraud prevention strategy but is also increasingly influencing consumer choice. How can businesses leverage new technologies and design online journeys which keep bad actors out and give genuine customers maximum confidence in their security and data privacy? 

  • Alex Clements, Financial Crime Manager, Ziglu
  • Paul Munson, Deputy MLRO, Optimus Cards
  • Egle Nartautaite, Senior Manager, Global Fraud, Pitney Bowes
  • Stacey Wilkinson, Customer Attribute Sharing Product Owner, NatWest Group
  • Richard Maton, Director, Aperio Strategy (Moderator)

10:40 - 11:15 - Morning coffee break

It’s coffee o’clock! Grab some refreshments from our expo floor before the stage resumes.

11:15 - 11:55 - Panel discussion - We are living (and working) in a digital world

Digital identity has had a transformative impact on right to work and rent checks in the UK. As the number of certified providers continues to grow, how are businesses and customers benefiting from the switch to digital? What reforms and innovations are needed to drive further progress?

  • Timothy Douglas, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Propertymark
  • Jon Hall, Advisory Board Member, Better Hiring Institute and Senior Academic, The Open University
  • Chris Milligan, Founder & CEO, Konfir
  • Anita Pali, Partner, Sheridans
  • Alison McDowell, Advisory Board Member, Better Hiring Institute (Moderator)

11:55 - 12:40 - Panel discussion - The retailer's guide to digital identity

The number of e-commerce transactions has skyrocketed in recent years. How can retailers modernise their customer authentication processes to meet this demand and deliver on expectations for invisible payments and seamless omnichannel access? Which new technologies are key to detecting and preventing fraud?

  • Dastan Shukanayev, Senior Payments Technology & Strategy, Marks & Spencer
  • Elinor Hull, Identity Services Director, Post Office
  • Abol Froushan, Senior Enterprise Architect, No7 Beauty Company, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Steven Bisoffi, Technical Specialist – Payments, Payment Systems Regulator
  • Matteo Gamba, Head of Product – Global Payments & Fraud, Wayfair
  • Ekaterina Safonova, Founder and Managing Director, CS Consulting and Advisory (Moderator)

12:40 - 13:40 - Lunch break

Lunch is served! Head to the catering area on the expo floor, explore the networking options, and don’t forget to visit the exhibitor booths.

13:40 - 13:45 - Future Identity Customer - Welcome back

Introduction to the sessions coming up this afternoon.

  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

13:45 - 14:20 - Panel discussion - No usability without accessibility


The accessibility of a digital identity solution is vital to widespread customer adoption. Unresolved system biases could mean some demographics are inconvenienced or worse, excluded from access altogether. How do we ensure all customers have a seamless experience? How do we design and build accessibility in right from the start? What about those who require assistance or would prefer a human interaction?

  • Philip Bonhard, Head of Design, Payments, Fraud and Financial Crime, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Becks Brindley, Digital Accessibility Lead, NatWest
  • Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange
  • Lisa Moyle, Chief Strategy Officer, VC Innovations (Moderator)

14:20 - 14:40 - Fireside chat - Getting it right: Balancing safety, compliance and growth in regulated gaming

As the popularity of regulated online gaming continues to grow, customers expect increasingly seamless payments and onboarding experiences. Can innovations in digital identity, open banking and age verification enhance the online journey, while mitigating risk and keeping customers and their data secure? How are new regulations altering the landscape and how are businesses ensuring compliance? How can businesses be sure to choose the right technologies to prevent fraud while securing future growth?

  • Charles Cohen, Founder and CEO, Department of Trust 
  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations (Moderator)

14:40 - 15:20 - Panel discussion - Identity, portability and privacy in a data-driven age

In today’s world, we shop, bank, game, work and connect online. As customers, we are required to prove our identity time and again to access different services, each interaction leaving a trail of personal data. How do we move away from a siloed approach to identity and empower customers with control over their data and credentials? What approaches will enhance privacy and consent, while ensuring end-to-end security?

  • Vanya Rakesh, Privacy Program Manager, Meta
  • George Kassis, Digital Identity Lead, Web3 Labs, Onyx by J.P. Morgan
  • Greg Mundell, Head of Portfolio and Delivery, Identity Platforms, Sky
  • Ivan Djordjevic, Principal Security Advisor, Salesforce
  • Simon Moffat, CEO & Research Analyst, The Cyber Hut (Moderator)

15:20 - 16:00 - Afternoon coffee break

Time for a quick break! Grab a tea or coffee (…or a famous festival craft beer!) before the last sessions of the day.

16:00 - 16:20 - Fireside chat – Decentralised identity in focus: Evolving industry applications

The concept of giving users control over their identities through wallets or decentralised credentials continues to gather pace. Where are we starting to see the model applied in practice? How are organisations within healthcare, trade, travel and education unlocking the potential of decentralised identity for their customers? 

  • Michael Shea, Managing Director, The Wider Team
  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations (Moderator)

16:20 - 16:50 - Panel discussion - Biometrics: The, not so secret, secret to customer identity?

Advances in mobile device technology have drastically lowered the entry barriers to implementing biometrics. Businesses across a range of industries are now using the technology to streamline customer verification and fight fraud. Discover some of the most exciting opportunities and explore the key challenges to consider. Will the intersection of wallets, biometrics and identity become second nature for customers?

  • Philip Bonhard, Head of Design, Payments, Fraud and Financial Crime, Lloyds Banking Group
  • David Tyrrell, UK&I Sales Director, Keyless
  • Chris Allgrove, Director and Co-Founder, Ingenium Biometrics
  • Iain McCallum, Programme Manager – Digital Identity, TechUK (Moderator)

16:50 - 17:25 - Panel discussion - The internet and identity: What does the future hold?

Customers today spend around 60% of their time online in the ‘open’ web, where authentication is not a regulatory requirement. Verifying customers would allow brands to offer services better targeted to specific needs, but would the added friction and loss of anonymity push some customers away? Will we see increased pressure on entertainment and social networking platforms to verify and protect their users? Will the line between anonymity and security shift as the internet evolves?

  • Mark Haine, Co-Chair, eKYC and Identity Assurance Working Group, Open Identity Foundation
  • Jon Shamah, Co-Founder, Global Trust Foundation
  • Ros Smith, Senior Technologist, Ofcom
  • Lavanya Onguru, Financial Crime Senior Consultant, FINTRAIL (Moderator)

17:25 - 17:30 - Future Identity Customer - Closing remarks

That’s a wrap!

  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations

17:30 - 18:30 - Drinks reception

Taking place in the exhibition area