Remote identity verification is shaping the future now

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On 26th April at Future Identity Finance, Laura Camplisson, our Future Identity Portfolio Lead, sat down with Daniel Ferak, DOT Business Unit Director at Innovatrics, to discuss the most exciting trends and technologies shaping the future of identity verification for financial services.

Innovatrics are an EU-based provider of trusted biometrics solutions to governments, enterprises, and financial institutions across the globe. Innovatrics product are used in more than 80 countries, by more than one billion people, to establish trust in a digital age.

“Remote identity verification is something that is shaping the future already. We could see during the pandemic that this is really a trend to have the possibility to open a bank account remotely,” Daniel explains. “Biometrics is a big part of this, and we are seeing the adoption of biometrics really start to pick up in the financial services sector.”

Future Identity Finance brought together a community of identity innovators from financial institutions, fintechs and technology enablers. We explored how innovation and new technologies are revolutionising the way we access financial services. But importantly, we also considered how to secure businesses and users against fraud in a digital world.

Daniel explains that fraud trends are evolving, and new threats constantly come up, and so “it’s really important that a [technology] partner can actually address all these new issues.”

Click the video below to watch the full interview.

The conversation continues at the Future Identity Festival 2022, on the 14th & 15th November, at The Brewery, London. For regular blogs, articles, reports and interviews, join our Future Identity community today.