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Vox Pop: The high cost of cheap biometrics

75% of banks have, or are planning to deploy, AI-based biometrics in the next 3 years. If implemented effectively, biometric technology offers a reliable, fast, and secure method to identify customers remotely. 

As a result, the biometrics industry has recently experienced rapid growth. Hundreds of seemingly similar solutions are on the market but rushing to adopt without fully understanding and evaluating the technology could have disastrous consequences. 

Our latest Vox Pop report, The high cost of cheap biometrics, powered by Innovatrics, features first-hand experience of how biometrics in the financial industry can be done right. 

Download the report now to find out: 

  • Why financial institutions are increasingly choosing biometric technology for remote onboarding and authentication.
  • What you should consider when selecting a biometric vendor and solution.
  • If end-users really benefit from using biometrics.
  • If building a strong relationship with your technology partner is the key to success.

Featuring insights from Erste Bank, Tatra Banka and Home Credit. 

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