50 proven ways to attack password-based MFA – FID Chats with Axiad

Passwordless MFA FID Chats with Axiad

Ahead of the North American edition of Future Identity Finance, taking place in New York on June 20th, we spoke with Michael Williams, Director of Product Marketing at event sponsor, Axiad.

Michael defines Axiad’s identity offering as, “A holistic approach to organisation-wide, passwordless, multi-factor authentication (MFA), to connect people and machines to data and applications, from anywhere.”

This is, he admits, a fairly wordy tagline, but essentially comes down to managing the entire range of authentication for users within large scale organisations, from frontline workers, to finance teams, to C-Suites, always using phishing-resistant measures.

Michael describes the full extent of the threat landscape financial institutions are faced with and emphasises that we are beyond the point where end-user MFA and education alone, is going to have an impact. In reality, every component of the identity fabric is under attack.

Relying on passwords and verification codes, leaves organisations vulnerable to impersonation attacks, network and mobile infrastructure attacks, and more. Watch the full interview now to find out how businesses are leveraging passwordless authentication, for increased security and greater efficiency.

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