Are biometrics here to stay? FID Chats with IDnow

biometrics interview idnow

At the Future Identity Festival, our Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa Moyle sat down to a chat with Francisco Martins, Senior Executive of Financial Services & Crypto, at IDnow. They discussed the evolution of identity verification, in particular the use of biometrics.

“Biometrics are here to stay,” Francisco states. The technology is paramount for proving identity remotely and ensuring that the person on the other end of a device matches the identity document being used for onboarding. In any case, Francisco explains, “biometrics removes the heavy lifting of having to remember your password.”

IDnow offers tailor-made KYC solutions for businesses to onboard new customers quickly and safely, while meeting the KYC and AML requirements anywhere they operate. When it comes to identity, regulatory compliance is a significant challenge businesses face, especially those operating across multiple countries or jurisdictions.

Francisco explains that businesses often have to use significant legal resources getting accredited in various locations. IDnow aims to address this challenge with a multi-jurisdiction compliant platform.

“What makes us unique,” Francisco says, “is our proximity to the regulators. We have been trusted by the European Investment Bank, owned by the EU member states, which allows us to have a very close tie with the regulators themselves.”

Watch the full interview below.

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