Is the Mobile Driving Licence the future of ID?

At the Future Identity and Fintech Talents Festival 2021, we were delighted to be joined by John Wunderlich, who travelled all the way from Canada to give a in-depth presentation on the development of the Mobile Driving Licence in North America.

A privacy and identity expert, John is also chair of the Mobile Driving Licences discussion group at the Kantara Initiative. Kantara is a global consortium operating assurance standards assessments under its Trust Framework program, and developing innovative ideas and specifications to transform the current state of digital identity and personal data agency.

John gave valuable insights into the latest ISO standard 18013-5 around mobile driving licences, but also explained why this standard needs to be extended to protect user privacy. The standard does not cover how users content to share data has been obtained or the requirements on data storage. “18013-5 has privacy recommendations but they are informative,” John explains, “and in the standards world, informative means you don’t have to do it.”

John then took us through the W3C standards around verified credentials, as well as a model for self-sovereign identity. Ultimately, John explain why he sees privacy enhancing mobile credentials as the way forward for digital identity.

Watch the full panel discussion below.

The conversation continues at Future Identity North America, a virtual event on May 12th 2022.