Biometrics: The authentication factor you can’t lose and that’s unique to you

biometrics authentication interview Mitek

At the most recent edition of the Future Identity Festival we sat down for a chat with Travis Joseph, Client Manager at Mitek Systems. By utilising facial biometrics, image capture and ID card verification technology, Mitek enables businesses to onboard users and strengthen security against cybercrimes.

“By using a mobile device and an ID document,” Travis explains, “we can help an end user get through the onboarding process with a mobile device and also make sure the business is getting the right person through.”

Travis explores how identity verification platforms can be built according to the risk-appetite of a organisation, the challenges passwords pose to consumers and businesses, and the opportunity to provide safer and easier authentication through biometrics.

“Rather than using a password, why not just look at a phone without any friction and be authenticated within seconds?” he asks. Travis also discusses the importance of securely encrypting biometrics in the cloud, as well as obtaining full consent from users as to how their biometric data should be collected and stored.

The full video, exploring the future of biometric authentication and the launch of Mitek’s newest product MiPass, is available to watch now:

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