Convenient, reassuring, safe authentication: FID Chats with iProov

Andrew Bud digital identity authentication iProov

“The perception of integrity has to be backed up by the reality of integrity,” Andrew Bud told us when we sat down to chat with him at the Future Identity Festival in November. Andrew is Founder and CEO of iProov, a global provider of face biometric authentication to onboard and subsequently authenticate remote users online.

What makes iProov unique is its Genuine Presence Assurance. This technology, Andrew explains, is used to, “ensure not only that the person looks like who they’re supposed to look like, but that they are a real person, present right now.” This gives a high level of assurance that a deepfake, mask, image or other method are being used to bypass the system.

Andrew highlights the importance of designing digital authentication solutions for privacy, by ensuring international standards and trust marks are adhered to, and that no more information than absolutely necessary is collected or stored. “When we authenticate a person’s face, we make it our business to not know anything else at all about the person,” Andrew explains.  

We also discussed how digital will evolve in the coming years. Andrew’s predictions include a greater distinction between digital identity and authentication and the growth of cloud-based verification, as well as a move towards the mainstream for W3C standard verifiable credentials.

The full interview, exploring the future of convenient and safe authentication, is available now:

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