Designing an identity-centric user journey

identity centric user journey

At the Future Identity Festival 2022, we sat down with Mansoor Quereshi, Ping Identity’s Senior Technical Sales Manager for Fraud Detection and Mitigation Solutions. Ping Identity is a provider of workforce and consumer Identity and Access Management, to streamline the user journey.

Mansoor describes that for any online business, the challenge they’re dealing with is trusting the individual at the other end of an interaction. “What identity does,” he explains, “is to help create that trust between a consumer or an employee, and the business.”

The discussion largely focused on the application of identity in a retail environment, where the vast majority of consumer volume consists of ‘good actors’, but there are those looking to exploit promotions or resell inventory for a premium. “They will try to spend some time attacking a business or a site and if it has enough controls they’ll move on to an easier target.”

Mansoor explains how businesses can reach a required level of security, while enabling a good experience for consumers and workforces, by building an identity-centric user journey.

Watch the full interview below.

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