Digital identity for the many, not the few

digital identity interview

At the Future Identity Festival 2022, we sat down with Russ Cohn, General Manager, International at OCR Labs, an automated anti-fraud detection platform. OCR Labs helps businesses to onboard their customers, making sure that the right people are presenting the right documents and are actually present during that process.

Russ highlights some of the evolving use cases for digital identity, beyond the financial services sector and how important it is for businesses to ensure their customer base has an equal opportunity to use the technology.

“You can’t just serve technology for one part of the community,” Russ says, “particularly the high-end customers. Our ID verification technology, our biometric liveness has no racial bias built into it, because of the way that it’s structured and the way we use machine learning to scale our business.”

Russ discusses how different countries are approaching identity, the need for interoperability and standards in the space and his thoughts on the Future Identity Festival experience.

Watch the full interview below.

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