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What others are saying...

"What I really enjoy about this event is how focused people are on the end-user experience when it comes to identity verification. A lot of the folks here are very passionate about it, they have views that allow us as a vendor to really understand how that market is evolving. In particular, we’ve really enjoyed the Hosted Buyer Programme."

Daniel Patterson

VP of Customer Success & European Operations, Trulioo

“I’m here because I want to connect with people who, like myself, are interested in innovation, fintechs and everything to do with identity fraud. It’s a really great place to meet new people and also connect with existing customers, connect with people who are trying to solve similar problems. And so, I’m here to network and learn."

Matt Salisbury

Co-Founder & CEO, Honey Badger

“As a repeat visitor and sponsor of the Future Identity Festival, I’ve always found that it’s a fantastic place to meet like-minded people who are trying to face the challenges of fraud in the online world.”

Surash Patel

VP EMEA, Telesign

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