Disruptive technologies are transforming our everyday lives. Organisations everywhere are future proofing their operations through innovation.

We have become internet citizens, online consumers and remote employees. And a digital world, needs digital identity.

Global businesses need to establish trust that the person they’re interacting with is who they say they are. Users also want trust, as well as privacy, inclusion, control and usability.

The need for universal, secure and seamless digital identity solutions can no longer be ignored.

Future Identity 2021 will inspire you to aim higher, design better and join together as we build an identity ecosystem for tomorrow.


Service providers across all sectors need digital identity solutions. Our Festival agenda will feature the following key verticals.

In an increasingly digital, experience-driven landscape, one of the biggest challenges facing financial institutions is how to be certain of a customer’s identity. Digital identity could be the missing piece of the puzzle for innovation in fintech.

National government approaches to identity have varied greatly in strategy, delivery and success. If implemented effectively, digital identity could empower citizens and build a more connected society, in both developed and developing countries.

From tackling age verification, to ensuring secure payments, to enabling personalisation, while meeting customer demand for a seamless online shopping experience. Digital identity has a lot to offer the world of e-commerce and entertainment.

As the healthcare ecosystem goes digital, patient data must be protected across an ever-complex network of people and technology. In the context of COVID vaccination passports, digital ID looks set to play a key role in the future of patient identity.

When building digital identity systems, we can’t settle for good enough. Good identity should strive for inclusion and diversity, empowering those at risk of being overlooked. We must work to enhance privacy, trust and usability, putting users in control of their identities.