Keeping up with customer expectations – An interview with Ping Identity

Meeting customer expectations - ping identity

At the launch of Future Identity Customer in London earlier this year, we were joined by Mate Barany, Account Executive at Ping Identity. Ping have been an identity technology provider for the last 20 years and work across all industry segments from Healthcare to Finance and Retail.

Mate tells us that the key to Ping’s approach to customer identity, is flexibility. “In terms of our approach to end user expectations and user experience, flexibility is key,” he says, “Every time a user experiences authentication, authorization or registration, this process has to be analysed and continuously evolved to create an exceptional user journey.”

Mate explains that the right approach to customer identity will vary between different sectors and different businesses. For example, in the financial sector challenger banks are going to market with the latest technologies and targeting young, digitally native users. This is driving the market as a whole towards a certain expectation level when it comes to user experience, but for established banks, flexibility remains key to ensure they are still able to effectively serve the customer bases built over the last 50-100 years.

“It is important for brands not just to make it simple but to ensure they cater for all of their user base, not only the digitally savvy,” Mate highlights, “by combining digital and physical interactions throughout the journey, brands can ensure security and customer satisfaction.”

Watch the full interview below to hear Mate’s thoughts on the technologies shaping the future of customer authentication and fraud prevention, how leveraging orchestration layers can help organisations build flexible customer journeys, and the trends to watch as the future of digital identity evolves.

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