Multifactor authentication is no longer optional: FID Chats with TeleSign

Interview multifactor authentication onboarding telesign

At the last edition of the Future Identity Festival we were delighted to chat to Jeff Steiner, Head of Strategic Relationships at TeleSign. Through developer-friendly APIs TeleSign delivers user verification, multifactor authentication, and omnichannel communications, to help brands prevent fraud, streamline omnichannel engagement and secure onboarding.

“When it comes to onboarding,” Jeff tells us, “it’s all about finding the right balance between fraud and friction. Not enough security and you open the door for bad actors to come in causing reputation or financial harm to your business, too much friction and good humans will drop out.”

Jeff highlights that multifactor authentication (MFA)is now no longer an option for businesses, it’s a necessity. “99.9% of account takeover attacks that had MFA enabled, failed,” he explains, “now it’s not a 100%, but it never will be as fraudsters find new attack vectors all the time.”

In this short interview, Jeff also explores the evolving threat of SIM Swap and discusses how businesses can use data to understand customer behaviour and flag suspicious activity.

The full video, exploring the future of onboarding, authentication and customer trust is available to watch now:

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