Nowhere is less safe for criminals than the blockchain

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Despite rapid growth in recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has historically faced a lack of trust from consumers and established financial entities. Blockchain data analysis firm Chainalysis, is looking to change this.

In an interview at FTT DeFi, Diederik Van Wersch, Head of Mid-Market Sales EMEA at Chainalysis, told Future Identity Portfolio Lead, Laura Camplisson, “One of the main things we do is educate the financial space about the fact that crypto is actually for the most part completely legitimate. One of our most famous statistics is that only 0.15% of all transactions on the blockchain are illegitimate.”

Of course, Diederik explains, it is still important to be aware of security risks and how to mitigate them. Money laundering and hacks in the DeFi space have been on the rise and there was an 81% increase last year in rug pull scams, extracting funds from unsuspecting investors.

Find out how Diederik thinks the industry can mitigate these risks and overcome misconceptions surrounding blockchain, and how he thinks the DeFi sector will develop in the coming years. Watch the full interview now.

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