Safeguarding biometric data privacy: FID Chats with Keyless

At the Future Identity festival, we caught up with Co-Founder and COO of Keyless, Fabian Eberle. Keyless is a passwordless authentication company helping customers to minimize account takeover fraud, streamline and simplify experiences, and reduce the operational costs of identity management, while using privacy-enhancing cryptography to safeguard biometric data . 

We discussed the importance of addressing the growing concerns around the collection of sensitive personal information such as biometric data. How can users be sure they know where that information is going and whether it will be stored securely? For financial institutions and other businesses, how can they ensure to comply with data protection regulations and avoid damaging data breaches? 

Such concerns may explain why some organisations have been reluctant to embrace biometric authentication. But Fabian explains that Keyless’ patented technology addresses privacy and security risk by authenticating end-users without storing their biometric data anywhere, either on the user’s device or a database on the server side. Instead, facial recognition input is encrypted in a way that it cannot be reversed. 

Beyond this, Fabian highlights the importance of making sure end users receive enough information to ensure they are comfortable with the process. “The right communication involves an explanation of what exactly is happening, whether data is being stored and what data is being processed.” 

To learn more about biometric data privacy protection, watch the full interview below:

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