Future Identity Finance Agenda 2022

The remote identity verification industry, previously dominated by a small number of vendors, has experienced rapid growth. Hundreds of vendors now offer seemingly similar solutions, and organizations looking to adopt biometrics could be forgiven for selecting the vendor offering the most favourable commercial terms.

This interactive workshop, will deep-dive into the technical idiosyncrasies of remote verification solutions, share Innovatrics’ experience from almost two decades in the field, and conclude with key recommendations on developing a RFP and selecting the most suitable vendor.

Daniel Ferak, DOT Business Unit Director, Innovatrics
Jan Zaborsky, Content Expert, Innovatrics

*we have a limited number of places available by application, for attendees from financial institutions looking to implement remote identity verification solutions. Accepted applicants will be required to be registered with a rockstar guest pass and pay a fully refundable deposit of £50. You can claim a refund at point of attendance, or choose to donate to our chosen charity.

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations 

With rapid cloud adoption, new working patterns and digitisation of services, identity management is no longer a static process. Hackers are targeting users, rather than servers, and securing against new threats involves continuous risk assessment and an agile approach to mitigation. As security officers continue to face rising data breaches and cyber-attacks, is a shift to cybersecurity models centred around identity and authentication on the horizon?

  • Per Thorsheim, CISO, Bank ID & BankAxept, Vipps
  • Guillaume Ehny, CISO, Formerly GoHenry
  • Jessica Figueras, Vice Chair of Trustees, UK Cyber Security Council (Moderator)

Regulated financial providers are under mounting pressure to meet KYC and AML controls and protect customers from fraud. Banks are seeing record fines for non-compliance, while fintechs face scrutiny as they expand into new jurisdictions with digital product offerings. How can the barriers facing regulators, obligated entities, and tech enablers be addressed through collaboration, to enable greater innovation in the identity verification space?

  • Maya Braine, Managing Director, Head of Insights and Research, FINTRAIL
  • Martin Sladecek, Director, Digital Strategic Studies, Société Générale
  • Francisco Martins, Senior Executive, Financial Services, IDnow
  • Richard Maton, Advisor, International RegTech Association (Moderator)

David Pope, Marketing Director, HooYu, A Mitek Company

As mobile banking usage increases among consumers, fraudsters use advanced tactics to intercept data and compromise devices. Multi-factor authentication is now a security imperative, but one-time passwords and hardware tokens can increase operational costs and create friction for users. How can banks authenticate users and prove device possession without impacting experience? Can mobile network intelligence enhance security?

  • Arthur Ceccotti, Senior Payments Engineer, Monzo
  • Allister Fraser, Digital Identity – New Business Development, BT
  • Jan-Erik Ekberg, CTO Mobile Security, Huawei
  • Paul McGuire, CEO and Co-Founder, tru.ID
  • Helen Owen, VP of Marketing, Tribe Payments (Moderator)

As banks accelerate digital services and new fintechs emerge, customer expectations are evolving at pace. User experience and accessibility are crucial to customer retention, but data privacy concerns also increasingly influence consumer choice. How can banks improve the authentication experience over mobile and digital channels, while keeping personally identifiable data secure? Can new approaches reduce customer frustration and rebuild trust in security?

  • Fabian Eberle, Co-Founder and COO, Keyless
  • George Rodgers, Senior Digital Product Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Martin Sladecek, Director, Digital Strategic Studies, Société Générale
  • Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations (Moderator)

The percentage of transactions carried out online or in apps has skyrocketed in recent years. As payments, and add-on financial services are embedded into the customer journey, the responsibility for securing digital identity increasingly falls to non-financial providers. What authentication measures are needed to prevent rising fraud and meet evolving regulations? To what extent should customer experience be sacrificed for greater security?

  • Jon Hawley, Chief Identity Officer, UNiDAYS
  • Manish Kumar, Head of Product Management and Delivery, Tyl by NatWest
  • Manuela Sedvartaite, Innovation Manager, Santander
  • Georgios Kolovos, Global Head of Product Partnerships, PayPal (Moderator)

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations 

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange

Face liveness detection is a critical element of any remote identity verification process. Join some of the brightest minds from the biometrics industry for an open and practical discussion on the various approaches to liveness detection, the need for independent testing and benchmarking of algorithms, and the importance of responsible messaging from vendors. Gain insight from industry leaders on their lessons learned and their predictions for the future.

  • Peter Martis, Director of Global Sales, Innovatrics
  • Steve Cook, Head of Global Business Development, ID R&D
  • Yassine Mountacif, CEO, Unissey
  • Melanie Worthy, Government & Industry Engagement Manager, BSI (Moderator)

The nature of financial interaction is changing rapidly. As cutting-edge forms of finance such as crypto and DeFi gather pace, the future of identity verification is called into question. How do we govern identity and trust when it comes to digital assets or DAOs? Will we see increasing applications for decentralized credentials built on the blockchain? And as transactions take place in the metaverse or Web 3.0, will digital twins come into play?

  • Marta Piekarska Geater, Head of Enterprise Collaboration, Cambridge Blockchain Society
  • Nick Jones, Co-Founder and CEO, Zumo
  • Chris Park, Co-Founder, DeFinity
  • Bilgesu Sumer, Doctoral Researcher, Center for IT & IP Law, KU Leuven
  • Richard Maton, Advisor, International RegTech Association (Moderator)

ID-challenged individuals exist within all socio-economic demographics, and often face exclusion from public and private sector services. Can alternative proofing methods be used to help those who lack traditional identity documents? Can new data sets and open banking support those with limit credit histories? And what can be done to support and protect individuals who lack the capability or resources to engage in the digital ecosystem?

  • Charlotte Crosswell, Chair, Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE)
  • Sian Williams, Director of Policy and Innovation, Toynbee Hall
  • Anna Roughley, Head of Insight, Lending Standards Board
  • Adam Jackson, Director of Policy, Innovate Finance (Moderator)

Laura Camplisson, Future Identity Portfolio Lead, VC Innovations