FIDC EUR 2024 – Pricing Table


£899 + VAT £1299

  • Save £400 with the super early bird rate before Friday 15th March
  • For the entire tech and solution provider ecosystem
Digital Identity Rockstar

£599 + VAT

  • Available for regulated financial institutions; retailers, e-commerce firms and platform marketplaces; esports, gaming and gambling businesses; entertainment and broadcasting businesses; travel, transportation, and delivery services; social media platforms; e-health and healthcare providers.
VIP Hosted Rockstar


  • Limited availability
  • Available for individuals with buying power or influence from regulated financial institutions, lenders, retailers, e-commerce firms and platform marketplaces, and other relying parties.
Press & Media


  • Reserved for media with editorial job titles only
Early Stage Start-up

£699 + VAT

  • For pre-series A companies founded up to five years prior to 2024 with a seed round < 1m
Opportunities Available


  • Sponsor, speak, exhibit, or partner