The journey to decentralised finance begins

decentralised finance interview

On 12th July our partner brand Fintech Talents launched FTT DeFi, a one-day show exploring the key opportunities and challenges in decentralised finance, digital assets and Web 3.

During the day, Future Identity Portfolio Lead Laura Camplisson sat down with Mark Aruliah, Senior Policy Advisor at Elliptic. Elliptic is a blockchain analytics firm, looking at activity on the blockchain to help law enforcement and regulators assess transaction risk.

They discussed how various regulatory bodies in the UK are approaching the opportunities and risks brought about by the growth of crypto and decentralised finance. “The money laundering side is still very much a concern from a regulatory perspective, but I think the application of blockchain analysis tools helps them appreciate that some of the risks can be identified and can be dealt with,” Mark explains.

But he notes that there is still a way to go before crypto is to be fully accepted by the regulators, “It’s going to be an education journey for them to understand the asset class, understand the industry and understand the jargon really.”

Mark discusses how technology providers can respond to evolving regulation and how partnerships and knowledge sharing can power the growth of a safe DeFi ecosystem.

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The conversation continues at the Future Identity Festival 2022, co-located with the Fintech Talents Festival on the 14th – 15th November, at The Brewery, London.

Join 2000 festival-goers as we explore the trends and technologies shaping the future of financial services. World-class learning and engagement, meets live entertainment and our famous craft beer bar, all while connecting with the industry players you are looking to meet. Book your place now!

New to the Fintech Talents Festival for 2022, the FTT Defi stage will bring together established players and a fast growing ecosystem of new decentralised finance entrants.