Digital identity: Public and private sector opportunities

public private sector digital identity

How do you prove who you are on the internet?
And how can you trust the person or entity on the other end?

digital identity

Figure 1: Open Digital Trust model (Source: Institute of International Finance)

Building on existing OpenID Foundation standards for Financial-grade APIs and the Open Digital Trust initiative with the Institute of International Finance, GAIN envisages that consumer (or small business end-user) could instruct one of their existing trusted counterparties (such as a bank or telco or energy retailer) to verify their identity. Significantly, this model would enable the consumer to dictate the specific identity attributes that are passed (see Figure 1).

digital identity public services

Figure 2: Norway BankID Authentication Usage Trajectory (Source: Vipps International, BankID, Norway).

digital identity

Figure 3: Consumers’ Data Trust by Counterparty and Demographics (Source: Bank for International Settlements)[3]



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[3] Bank for International Settlements-Whom do Consumers Trust with their Data? US Survey Evidence


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