Interview with Open Identity Exchange at FID 2021

open identity exchange interview

At the Future Identity and Fintech Talents festival 2021 we caught up with Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity strategist at the Open Identity Exchange.

Open Identity Exchange is a non-profit members organisation, with a vision for individuals to have trusted and reusable digital identities, to prove who they are and what they are entitled to do.

In this interview Nick explains that identity is closely linked to how open finance and data sharing are transforming financial services. But he also emphasises that a digital identity should work not only across all aspects of finance, but across employment, events, age verification, travel, and other areas of life.

Nick highlights how digital identity has evolved, how the pandemic has accelerated change and where we still need to go as an industry.

Watch the full interview below.

The conversation continues at Future Identity Finance, 26th April 2022, at County Hall, London.