It’s time to kill off the password – FID Chats with Mitek

death of the password mitek interview

At Future Identity Finance 2023, our Chief Strategy Officer Lisa Moyle caught up with David Pope, an Identity Expert at identity verification provider, Mitek.

Mitek’s superpower, David explains, lies in the orchestration and configuration options within the platform. Mitek bring together a wide range of identity services to allow businesses to tailor their approach to different risk segments.

Businesses can also tailor settings to create bespoke compliance and journey settings without the need for developers. “Clients can say I’m not going to accept an ID document if it’s within 2 months of expiry… or I want to render the journey in Brazilian Portuguese or in French,” for example.

David also shared his thoughts on what the future holds for digital identity, starting with his prediction that we might finally see the end of the password as an authentication measure. Users are lazy with passwords, he explains. You only have to look at the fact that 23 million people worldwide use the password ‘123456’ to see just how lazy.

David predicts that as users become more comfortable with using biometrics and embrace the convenience this technology offers, we will see a profound shift in the way we prove identity.

The full interview is available to watch now.

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