November 2021, The Brewery


A hybrid fintech event featuring 3,000 festival-goers + rockstar speakers & steering committee members + over 100 hours of content sessions + game changing tech companies + tech partnerships + craft beer and live music sessions.

FTT Identity 2021

Who do you think I am?

600 online attendees + 60% Financial Institutions + 40 rockstar speakers. What are you waiting for?

Vox Pop Report powered by Mambu

Building a Foundation for Innovation - Digital Progress Across the UK's Building Societies

Insights from high-level contributors at the following Building Societies: Principality, Skipton, Newcastle, Furness, Hinckley & Rugby, West Bromwich, Cambridge

Fintech Talents North America 2021

Make distance irrelevant

3,000 Online attendees + 10 Content sessions + 30 Rockstar speakers. What are you waiting for?